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Mar 17, 2013
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Hey everyone! Been a while since have been involved in local seo so i have no clue the best route to take on this. Someone is using our url in their google listing. We're not a local business, i believe there just trying to pull from the power of our domain to help the rankings? Not sure if that's a thing even.

Anywho, what is the best route to take to get it removed?

Thanks in advance. All the best!
I would do these 3 things:

1. Suggest an edit in maps to remove that website. Have as many people as possible suggest the same edit.

2. Use this Redressal form to report the listing, do this at the same time you are suggesting the edit. Save the case IDs for when you report it.

3. If the above doesn't work, contact Google support here and tell them about the profile that is using your domain without permission. Contact them using an email attached to the domain to prove to Google you have authority to use the domain. Cite the case IDs from the redressal form.

If all this fails then head over to the GBP community forum and ask a PE to help!

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