Jan 4, 2013
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Subdomains are treated like a separate domain as you probably know.

I only use them for setting up a development site before pushing new site live to domain. Nothing different about the setup from a regular domain.

Looks like this for the development wp environment. We set up call rail, analytics etc all the same way on dev site. Then plugins and GA migrate when we push live from subdomain of (our hosting) to to go live with new site.

I always migrate to

I can't say I remember doing anything different on subdomain using wordpress but I could be missing something that my 2 devs are covering my tracks on

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May 17, 2013
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Curious if anyone has experience working with subdomains. Specifically, what are the best practices and considerations around setting up things like Google Analytics, adding remarketing tags, Call Rail?

For GA, you need to setup cross domain tracking and need to make sure that is shows the full URL ( vs. /article). I would recommend just using GTM as it makes GA/remarketing tags easy to deploy and change.
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