Sep 15, 2018
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Hi guys,

Company name: Farmacia Ronda de Triana
Website: Farmacia Ronda de Triana | cerca de ti en Triana, Sevilla

Tactics: New website, local citations, a few local links, GMB optimisation, work on reviews, etc

I'd really love some help with a local pharmacy. I started on their project in late January (they didn't have a website or GMB listing at the time). By last week we had achieved a solid local ranking for searches like 'pharmacy + town' (see attached Local Falcon screenshot) from 01/04.

Unfortunately on Friday the pharmacy has stopped appearing well at all (see second attached Local Falcon screenshot), and the homepage has been de-indexed (see here).

I believe everything has been done by the book- the only thing that might seem strange to Google is that I have been using 'special hours' in GMB for 5 out of 7 days a week for the last five weeks, as the company is currently appealing to change their official timetable from the Pharmacies board in Spain, and until it is confirmed (and I can change it properly), we have been allowed to change it on a monthly basis.

Given this I hadn't wanted to change it until confirmed officially, to then make the change for all citations but I'm now worried it might influence it? In any case, this shouldn't contribute to de-indexing the homepage which seems a more likely culprit.

I've checked the sitemap and the homepage is indeed on there, does anyone have any suggestions of ways to diagnose the issue? I plan to call GMB support tomorrow but I don't have much confidence in their ability to help.

Any help would be dearly appreciated!

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April 07 2019.png
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Sep 15, 2018
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Well, after updating the special opening hours in the GMB, within half an hour the homepage was indexed and local falcon rankings were similar to those on 01/04.

I can't help get the feeling that it's all coincidental rather than causal though as I don't really believe the special hours thing could cause such an issue, nor that changes can be propagated and indexed in such a short period of time...
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