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Apr 15, 2013
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Hi one of our listings is suspended see screenshot here:

This is the URL of the places profile. I believe it?s soft suspension as the listing is visible on Google see screenshot.

In google places it says its banned due to quality issues. See screenshot.

Based on this article we have reviewed potential reasons for why it could be suspended.

Which are:

Your website field contains a forwarding URL -> No. The URL is this which doesn?t redirect and goes to the correct location.

You are adding extra keywords to your business name field -> No.

You are a service-area business that didn?t hide your address -> No.

You have multiple verified listings for the same business -> Maybe

Your business type is sensitive or not allowed on Google Plus -> No

You created a listing at a virtual office or mailbox -> No

You created a listing for an online business without a physical storefront -> No

You run a service or class that operates in a building that you don?t own -> No

You didn?t do anything wrong, but the industry you are in is cluttered with spam, so the spam filters are tighter -> No idea


I think the issue is 4 - You have multiple verified listings for the same business.

However wouldn?t it show up as duplicate locations in google places?

Any suggestions on how to get this solved would be great.
This may help you get started. I had the identical problem about a week ago and finally found a Google Support number - 844-442-8695. This gets a live person.

I just did this today. The person who answered did a little research and went over my listing. He asked if such and such a location was one of my clent's businesses locations. it was not (there are many old locations connected to my client's business so I think that's where my suspension is coming from.) They sent the case to a different Support group.

And that's where is stands. But at least now I have someone at Google overseeing my suspension and have a ticket no. to refer to.

I don't know how long they'll take but at least I made a little progress.

Hope this helps.
Get chatting with someone on Twitter. @GoogleMyBiz

I've had more success starting a conversation via twitter than anything else. Ironic they're more responsive on Twitter than their actual support lines, but w/e works.

Also worth posting on the GMB Forum to get more feedback from other Pros
Also, I found this when I googled your business:

freds - sydney.jpg

Was there another company managing your page? Why are the phone numbers different?

freds - sydney.jpg

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