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Feb 24, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I'm working on my father's company website. I'm trying to rank in fairly noncompetitive suburbs for a tree service. In this case, is it the best idea to build one city landing page to rank for my 3 main keywords (in this case they are city name tree service, city name tree removal, and city name tree trimming)? Or is it best to build 3 separate landing page for each keyword?

Google appears to treat them as synonyms when I search different cities (i.e. tree trimming will pull up and highlight "tree removal").

What is the best practice for this? Thanks in advance for the advice.
Personally I would build separate landing pages for each service since they are different and this can be useful to users. If you have good proof that they are being held in a synonymous regard then I say build one good page then see what happens. Building separate pages will likely put you ahead of the competition, though.
I suppose the only "proof" I have is that I see synonymous terms bolded in the SERP as if it was the keyword I'm searching for. I can type in tree trimming charlottesville va and in the results you can see it pulls results "tree service" or "tree pruning".

My fear is that I'll be wasting my efforts focusing on subpages when I could be focusing all my juice on one page.
In this case I would build one really strong page and see how far that takes you.

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