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Jan 3, 2020
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I've got two businesses that are temporarily closed and will be reopening soon (but I'm not sure exactly how soon). One is working on a new service and I'm concerned about marking it as temporarily closed and then not being able to re-open quickly.

Has anyone had experience with this? Is it a quick re-open process or does it take time to go into effect?
I just ran a test and once I marked my listing as open it immediately updated. I want to caution you that listing marked as Temp or Perm close will not rank in the map pack.
Thank you! Do you have a recommendation for how to handle a restaurant that is temporarily closed (completely closed- long story involving a move) but they are working on getting delivery and pickup open? There is no time frame because the local government is moving slowly right now on approvals for permits. I really don't want to mark as temporarily closed. Should I change the hours to something like just 15 minutes on a Sunday so I can change them when they get going again? Thoughts?
Google's own recommendation is to set your hours to reflect the new reality. So, I would set the hours to show what they will be once the business is open for delivery/pick-up.

Then mark it temporarily closed. My experience matches that of @keyserholiday and @Yan Gilbert: changing between "Temporarily Closed" and "Open" happens within just a few minutes. (I switched between the two states a few times and the behaviour was consistent.)

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