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Dec 7, 2012
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Does anyone know what this is (re: purple dot)?

Apparently, it looks like Google is experimenting with different colored dots for service-area businesses. Our team has spotted this a few times over the past 4-5 weeks (orange, purple and green).

We spoke with Google Plus Local support today on this issue and the initial rep did not know what it was and referred us to a manager who said it is a test on local businesses "to see what works best for your business" and that it would go away soon.

When we pressed on how this affected local search results, as the listing associated with the dot did not appear in results, the response we got was "it's going to go away soon."
Hi Dave, thanks for sharing.

At 1st I thought it was that normal issue that happens. Sometimes if you search, then search for something else, then go back to original in your browser it's purple.

I played around going back and forth on your example. At one point it was a round purple with orange point.

Started digging around on maps.
Looks like Google is getting ready for Halloween!

I hit a map that was all light orange markers and one bright pink. Then ALL purple.



At one point it was just all purple dot and no A, B, C pins at all.

To see results like these, you usually have to search maps, click around then search for something else and then page back to previous the search.

I have a meeting with Googlers this AM, maybe this is what the meeting is about. Or not. Maybe this is just one of many other tests they are running, like support said. But typically in the past, one person shows up here with something new. Then more and more reports come in - then BAM it goes live. So we'll see.


Linda, I think you're on to something! Thanks for the due diligence. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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