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Jun 28, 2012
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Just read an EPIC post written today by Miriam Ellis, a friend and a Super Moderator here at the Local Search Forum. It's long and FILLED to the brim with great points and some cool images, so head over to read the whole post.

The Zen Of Local SEO

"Have you ever searched the web for a totally solid guide to implementing Local SEO and come up empty handed? There’s an excellent reason for this. Unlike traditional SEO, in which ongoing new tactics can be added to a base of actions that have been reasonably similar for more than a decade, Local SEO exists in so fluid a world that change is practically the only constant. Talk to Local SEOs and and they will chuckle that so much of what they write becomes obsolete almost as soon as they hit ‘publish’. Active blogs do a great job of covering the changes, but writing a static tactical guide may end up being nothing more than an exercise in futility...

The #1 problem in Local isn’t hijacking, spamming or bugs. It’s Google’s dire lack of communication. The teaming hordes of local business owners who crowd the Google And Your Business Forum in a state of ALL-CAPS distress trying to get answers to astronomical numbers of problems receive very few solutions directly from Google employees, though the rate of answers from volunteer Top Contributors has been a valid improvement. But even when Google does make public statements in response to the bigger questions raised about policies, ethics and problems, their wording can be as elusive and circular as a Zen Koan to the western mind...

Equip yourself with these traits and attributes and approach your future in Local with a caring and honest civic mindset, and you will be well on your way to mastering the Zen of Local."

I skipped a ton, so again head over to read the full post. Great stuff!

And thanks Miriam for mentioning my blog. :)
I really appreciate you featuring this here, Linda. I'm grateful and I hope it will be some thoughtful reading for the Local community. Mindset is everything in Local. I've firmly come to believe this.

And you are very welcome for the link:). I sent people to your blog almost every day!
Wow you are getting some great and well deserved comments too Miriam.
Love the way you write from the heart!
Thank you, Linda! It could be easy to get bogged down in all the crazy, shifting technical aspects of Local. By remembering that we are enhancing real-life communities, maybe we'll have a little smile on our face while we're facing down Local monsters:)
Miriam, I just had a chance to read The Zen Of Local SEO. Fantastic work. You are a great writer :)

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