Gio Greenard

Oct 1, 2012
Hi everyone.

I must have been quite lucky but to date I have always managed to rank places listings by optimising the website, using videos, directories and reviews. It seems to be getting a bit tougher now. I have a client I cant shift no matter what I do (please note they have no reviews even though I requested they get some).

I thought it may be the algo lock out Linda mentioned a few weeks back as they are based on the outskirts of Perth. Although that seems to have been resolved.

I have checked competitor citations using some software. so I know we have more citations than the competition. I am now considering building a separate inner page and possibly releasing a press release, does anyone have any experience with this affecting the rankings once done?

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Not sure about the direct Qs you asked, but if you care the share the site, G+L page and keywords we can see if we can figure out anything that is not ideal or tweaks that may help.

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