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Jun 28, 2012
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1,877 basic protection list. You can change this to use the strict protection list instead.

  • The basic protection list blocks commonly known analytics trackers, social sharing trackers and advertising trackers. However, the basic protection list allows some known content trackers to reduce website breakage.

  • The strict protection list blocks all known trackers, including analytics trackers, social sharing trackers and advertising trackers as well as content trackers. The strict list will break some videos, photo slideshows and some social networks.


  • I believe Tracking Protection is turned on by default in Firefox but I'm not certain: I always customize my security and privacy settings in any browser so I know what it's doing and when and where.
  • If Firefox does this, I assume other modern browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge also do this?
  • Where can one find a list of which "analytics trackers" are blocked?
  • Does this block standard tracking on my own ecommerce sites? or only known "malicious" tracking?
  • Most importantly, does this block Google Analytics?


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