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Jan 19, 2024
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I personally own around 40 pins right now that are branded with my company name and use my company website. Some of these pins have been plagued by video verification and suspension.

In addition to the ones I own and manage, I also help other people create pins that use my company website. Sometimes I tell them to use our company name in the title of the pin, other times I let them use whatever name they want, in either case they are still using my company website.

We are shortly going to apply for Bulk verification and I want to make sure I have an answer to this very important question. Will the profiles I own be at risk for suspension if the quality of the pins I don't own is lower and they get flagged? Additionally, will the pins I don't own be at risk even though some don't use our same company name in their title? Ie. does Google track pins by the name of the pin regardless of who owns them, and do they also track the website domain of the pins across different owners and penalize them the same?
When you say pins, do you mean Google Business Profiles, or just pins on the map? I am confused on what you're actually doing - especially since you set up pins for clients and use your own company name and website. Wouldn't you want to use the name and website of your client's business?

If you have any suspended profiles or profiles not verified, then you cannot apply for Bulk Verification with those profiles. Also, Bulk Verification is only for chains with multiple businesses in the same brand - not just for accounts with multiple business profiles in them.
Sure thing, I could've explained this a little better.

Imagine I am Pizza Hut. I have some locations that are really good - big city, brand new, look super legit. I also have some locations that are less nice, small town, maybe run down location with no signage. I want everything to be up, and I want to use Bulk Verification. However, I know that if I apply for Bulk Verification with my run down (low quality) locations, it could risk me not being able to pass Bulk Verification and therefore quickly verify my higher quality locations.

Bulk Verification is costly. You are essentially blocked from creating profiles or making significant changes to existing ones for 8-12 weeks as per Google's stated time frame. AND you might not even pass.

So, in order to mitigate this risk, you pass off the lower quality locations that could potentially get you in trouble with Bulk Verification to your property managers or franchise owners to manage. They can use whatever name they want for their business (although some will put Pizza Hut in the GBP Business Name) BUT they all must use the Pizza Hut website to receive orders.

The other, higher quality locations, you own and manage internally at Pizza Hut HQ. You use them to apply for Bulk Verification.

Question 1: Will Google know that you have other locations associated with your brand and hold this against you, or will they only do a deep dive into the profiles in your Business Group?

Let's say you pass Bulk Verification and can run your chain going forward. Additionally, a few months down the road, some of your lower quality locations get suspended. Technically they aren't owned by Pizza Hut HQ but they are associated with the brand.

Question 2: Will Google come knocking on your door and suspend your internally Bulk Verified profiles?

Also - just to clarify - for anyone else reading this, you may apply to Bulk Verification with profiles that are non verified. You just need 10+ profiles. They can all be unverified and they can all be verified. You may not have any SUPSPENDED profiles. See screenshot.

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