Oct 22, 2018
We have an attraction client that's trying to rank on internal TripAdvisor searches for "Top Attractions in [County, State]".

That page also ranks well in Google SERPs, so it's also a barnacle SEO strategy.

Part of the problem is likely that the attraction is located near the edge of the county they're trying to rank for (although, some of the other attractions that rank well are too). They also don't pay for advertising on TripAdvisor.

They've already got a ton of reviews. In fact, they have more reviews (and a higher score) than some of the other attractions that rank highly on TripAdvisor's "Top Attractions in [County, State]" page.

Anyone have tips on optimizing the TripAdvisor listing to show up higher on internal TripAdvisor searches?


Jun 26, 2019
This might seem obvious, but is your Yelp page categorized for the particular type of attraction list you are wanting to optimize for?

I've found they sometimes blindly follow the categories at the top of the profile to create those lists and don't look into whether business a) who doesn't utilize that category might be a better fit than business b) who does.

Cherie Dickey

Local Search Expert
Jan 30, 2018
I'm not sure if this will help with ranking within TripAdvisor itself, but I would also make sure that SameAs schema is on the website as well.
Nov 11, 2015
Hi Justin

I am going to assume that the attraction segment is already listed on the the page, that they would fit within - Day Trip, Kayaking etc

There is an added incentive if the user can actually book via TripAdvisor - to keep in mind.

Reviews - Regular, Longer Form - try and get attraction in Review Title (Best Kayaking Trip Ever !! )

Images - Label

Content - Don't skimp on this and fill in all the relevant sections. If possible add some location markers in the additional info section - Nearest cash point is located at XYZ (I don't know what the attraction is )

Populate some well crafted Answers in the Q & A - ideally get users already active in state - if not be aware that their spam filters are super hot.

Make sure state is in the address.

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