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Jun 28, 2012
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Miriam Ellis, a good friend, our 1st Local Search Forum mod and staff at Moz, has been working on a giant troubleshooting guide that she asked my advice on a couple of times.

It was just published over at Moz so I wanted to share and think it's def worth a bookmark.

Troubleshooting Local Ranking Failures: A Beginner's Guide - Moz

The fallout from lost Google local rankings can be drastic, from silent phones in the office to a loss of pride in a company's standing in the community. Don't panic: Be proactive and take the steps outlined in this guide to begin troubleshooting the cause of your ranking failure. This article is intended for both local business owners and new Local SEOs who will benefit from having a set of procedures to follow should local rankings go south. While I can't cover every possible cause of local ranking issues, the steps outlined below will help you surface major, common problems and take steps to correct them. This graphic provides an overview, and the details of each step follow.

Here is Infographic that gives overview but need to click over to read the details


It's a monster post, filled to the brim with juicy troubleshooting tips, so head over to read and bookmark it for later too.

Thanks for the mentions Miriam, glad I could help and thanks for the awesome article!

What do you guys think?

Learn any new tips or which was your fav???

Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, Linda, and you were an angel to review my attempt to concisely describe options with duplicates. That has to be one of the most nightmarish aspects of things that can go wrong with local listings.

I hope the community here will enjoy the post!
Thanks Miriam, I'm still buried email testing hell with major on-going problems.

So didn't even have time to Tweet it or post to G+ or anything. Will give it a push tomorrow.

FYI also see our main thread here:

<a href="">Local Troubleshooting Best Practices</a>
Just gave this thread a #bestof hashtag, so will be easier to find if you forget where it is. Simply hit the "Best of Local" link at top of the forum. :)
In case anyone was following the posts Ross made, turns out they were about organic ranking, not even local and not directly related to local troubleshooting.

So moved to new thread here: <a href="">Ranking Hints for Organic from Google Support</a>

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