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Aug 2, 2012
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I am having trouble discovering just what my local ranking is for given keywords. I notice if I do the search on my PC that I rank no. 1 for many but if I use the Ad Diagnosis tool in google adwords I do not even rank for most.
Hi Stan,

I'm confused are you talking natural or Adwords ranking?

I would think the Ad Diagnosis tool in Google Adwords only shows your Adwords ranking?
Would not think it shows your organic or Google Local ranking does it?

And also I'm sure you know when you check your rankings manually yourself personalization can come into play so if you are checking your own rankings and clicking your own links you may appear to be higher than you actually are.

You could try Chrome incognito from home or not logged in to try to simulate the most accurate results.

Also your search location & device can play a part. So someone searching from across town on their phone may see you in a different position as well.

So 'true' Google Local ranking? Depends...

Most of us in the biz use rank tracking software that always tracks the same way and can track rankings over time and is usually pretty accurate. It's a must when you have lots of clients to track. But not sure how cost effective it would be just for your own site.
Thank you Linda for your prompt reply. You are always so helpful. I checked my rank while incognito on chrome and I am #1 and #2 on 2 very important keywords. Have noticed substantial uptick in call volume. Thanks for your help.

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