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Sep 3, 2014
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It's my turn to ask about one of the classic questions here.

I have a client with one website and one office for two related but separately-incorporated and licensed businesses.

- One is a licensed home health agency
- The other one is a licensed hospice agency.

They are thought of in the community as one organization. They use one physical office for both organizations. They refer to themselves as ?Company Name Home Health and Hospice?.

They prefer to have one website for both businesses.

There are separate menu choices from the top-level navigation for each of the two separate types of service, i.e., one menu choice for home health care and one for hospice care.

Here is what I?m planning to do for them; please let me know if you disagree.

1. Websites: we?ll continue to use just one

2. markup:
a. we?ll have markup on home page for both corporations and for their services
b. we?ll have markup on each of the two top-level service pages for its own corporation name and type of service

3. Google My Business: they have already created one GMB record, for the ?combined? organization. I plan to leave it that way.

4. Citations: they appear to have existing citations with names with all the possible combinations, i.e., home health, hospice, home health and hospice, and hospice and home health. I plan to standardize upon ?Company name home health and hospice? for all citations, corresponding to the way that the organization refers to itself in its own literature and on its website.


How does that sound?
Hmm.. I have a very similar situation with a company that is "Clarkson Companies" and then "clarkson Excavating" and "clarkson trash service" (names are made up). All one address, all one website, different phone numbers.

They have an entirely mixed bag of profiles, some for the umbrella organization, some of the excavating and some of the trash service.

I was planning on creating two different listings profiles, one of the excavating, one for the disposal company. . . .

I suspect that having one single profile would confuse google, and they wouldn't rank as well for either product. Plus, what category to you put them in on a google profile - seems like it would have to have a few (even though they are all kind of related).

The address worries me too.
In my view, having them both with just one profile is the easier road. It'd definitely be fine with Google TOS, though Hoosier is right in that you'll likely only rank for some of the areas you could if you had two. I usually don't see many business listings appearing for two unrelated keyword areas, though I'm sure it's possible.. just much more challenging. For Schema I'd probably stick with marking it up as one business, since that's where you'll have it listed everywhere else it sounds like (GMB included). Citation cleanup sounds like the challenging part of this client.

If you were to try and have a profile for each listing, that's where advice here would be a lot more important I'd think. The way you're planning on doing it is safe, and you shouldn't run into problems with it I'd think.

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