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Jul 30, 2012
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I have client that has two G+ profiles. The second G+ profile was created so that he could add a Google+ business page for the company that he manages. There is a company website and he has a Wordpress Blog that he posts to daily that links to that website. In order to create a G+ local business page for a business that he doesn?t own but manages another personal profile was created for him. The issue is which profile should the rel=author markup on his Wordpress site be pointed to. Or can it go to both. Most activity has been on the first G+ profile rather than the personal profile associated with the business and his real goal with the blog is to push business to the company. Thank you

How is your client able to have 2 profiles? I'm assuming then that each profile has a slightly different "real name," correct? Either way, I'm not sure I totally understand the need to have 2 profiles. Why doesn't your client just use his/her main personal profile and create a business page? You can have multiple administrators for a Google+ Page so if your client leaves the company, someone at the company can become an additional administrator of the page and literally take ownership of it.

As for the author markup, it can only point to one Google+ profile.

If you need a link to a decent tutorial on how to add administrators to a page, here is one:
Multiple Admin Support on Google Plus Pages Now Available

Travis Van Slooten
The reason for two profiles is that Google Places was created in a separate Google Account before Google+. To keep the places dashboard associated with G+ another profile was created. Is there a way to associate the old Places with a different G+ profile? Thanks
Google has stated that you don't have to have your places listing and g+ profile in the same email account in order to connect them in the future because tons of ppl have them in 2 different accounts currently.
True Joy. What I think will happen is IF both are in the same account it will be either automatic or one button upgrade/merge. But if in 2 diff accounts it will be a little more manual and you will somehow need to verify the 2 accounts belong to the same company. BUT there will def be a process!
Also, I came across something new (at least for me). When i created a business page on Google + today, it recommended me a few businesses to ensure I was not adding a duplicate and when I selected one it took me to the verification step, just like the one on Google + Local. However, there was no option for phone verification but only the post card option. Earlier, I remember there was no verification step after creating a business profile on Google +.

Your observations?

Thanks Bryan,

Yes Vijay, you missed yesterday's BIG news. The merge just started and that's the new verification step which will merge the G+ page and the Place page. Only option is mail. See details here:

<a href="!-Google-Business-Merge-with-Google-Place-Pages-Starts-Now!">BREAKING! Google+ Business Merge with Google Place Pages Starts Now!</a>

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