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Jul 23, 2015
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We currently have two Google local listings for our site in Thialand, but as we are an eCommerce company we don't actually want any Google local listings, as we do not have premises that are open to the public.

The page that most often comes up in a Google search also has 'permanently closed' red warning next to it, which is harming our brand and CTR from the SERPS.

Here is a to the SERPS:

Here is a link to the page:

There is also another map listing that comes up, usually just in the map listings, but I have also seen it in the serps:

The history on the Google local pages is a bit sketchy, before my time with the company I think the listing with 'permanently closed' had been claimed by some body here, however I think somebody might have selected that it was closed in error to try and remove the map listing in the SERPs, as we didn?t want a map listing, nor our office address displaying. The verified page had also been deleted.

I got in contact with the Google Local help line and they first gave me a telling off saying we shouldn't have a Local page as we are eCommerce! I mentioned that is why I was calling to remove it, however the person on the support line said that as its now in Google database, the map listing will most likely always display and there is no way to remove it.

They said the best thing to do is reclaim the page, check the tick box to say we deliver goods and uncheck the tickbox that we serve customers at our address, so our address isn?t shown, but the map listing and Google local page will still display.

I did this and the listing updated so it didn't have our exact address, which was better but still not ideal as when searching for the company name on mobile, the map listing came up before our organic listings (which we believe hurts CTR) and it featured a link to our Google local Page, which we don?t really update as we have a much more popular Google + brand page that we would prefer to display in the SERPS:

I got in contact with Google on the help line for a second opinion and the person I spoke with said that if we deleted all the verified Local pages then over time the map listing should not appear in the SERPS, but may still appear in a map search, which is a better solution.

So I did this and after a while it worked, no map listings in the SERPS, joy! However after two months it has come back in the SERPS, now with the 'permanently closed' red warning.

Last week I reclaimed the page (it seemed to auto verify, maybe the email address?) to try and get this permanently closed removed. I cannot see any option in the settings that would remove this, I have updated the opening hours, updated the address, but still lists it as closed.

Any tips on completely removing a a local listing, or speeding up the removal of this closed warning? Google local help line never seem to knowledgeable and I made post in the official help forums but never had a reply.
and I made post in the official help forums but never had a reply.

Hi Max, sorry for the frustration.

FYI you only posted at the Google forum an hour ago and it's nighttime here.
But luckily, 4 minutes after you posted you got a reply from Priya. That's pretty fast, I'd say.

Priya already escalated to Google, so let's see if they can remove them for you.
Hi Linda,

I'd actually made a thread in the past which didn't get a reply, so I thought I'd make a more detailed one today along side this one.

Hi Linda,

I'd actually made a thread in the past which didn't get a reply, so I thought I'd make a more detailed one today along side this one.


Sorry I searched for the word ecommerce and checked your user history over there and could not find anything related.

Hi Max,

I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything from Google.

Thanks Priya!

I thought I'd update on this issue.

About 3 weeks After Priya said she would escalate this to Google, the local listing for our Thai site was removed.


However, a month or so after it came back again :(

We are also having Google Local pages appearing for our Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia as well as Thailand sites.

Again this is not ideal, we are an eCommerce store, we have no premises for customers to come to so it makes no sense for a Google local page to appear for us.

I think the trouble stems from that in the past somebody had claimed the business pages in error, so now they are there in Google's database. Even if we remove the verified pages from the local dashboard they still appear in the SERPS.

We have raised the issue again on the Google forums:


However It sounds like no one knows the answer or can help. I think we need intervention from Google themselves again.

(also as a side note, its really annoying that the old Google local forum redirects to this new one, yet the old posts haven't been taken over, it just redirects the the home page).

Priya, if you are out there, would be great if you could raise this to Google again.

Hi Max Peter,

Sorry for the late reply - for some reason I didn't see this in my emails as a notification. Anyway I see that Helmut and Colan are both helping you out in the forum so I know you're in good hands there :)

Good luck with it all!

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