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Sep 5, 2013
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My head is spinning. Can't make head or tails of this one.

New client has two Google Plus pages. (I remember your posts about these last year, Wait, wait wait, don't create a new page to post content, wait for the Google issued page linked to your listing, but some of us did including me :cool:)

Anyways has two google my business listings in Dash.
Page 1 5,200views, 1 Follower
Page 2 11,900 views, 6 Followers

Both have verified checks on them in different places.
Page 1-has check Next to Logo, full address, category, has pin on map,
Page 2-has check near website name, but says "Work Friends" in Circle Box, no address in Google Plus page, has story.

Page 1 is what Google links to in pack.
Page 2 is what client is linking to on website

Page 1 says Local in upper Left icon on Red pin
Page 2 says Profile in Blue upper left circle icon

I am able to figure out which one is a real business listing, page 1.

But has unfortunately half the views. Luckily for the past year, client has been posting to both pages.

How should I proceed, any pitfalls I should avoid? I think we should delete this extra page, I think we are losing views to this other Google plus page. Thoughts?

I want to work on citations but want to use correct social links.

Thank you for your advice!
Robin - Are you saying 1 is a Google+ Business listing (only social aspects and does not show in SERPS) and the other is a Google+ Local listing (review button and social)?

Just want to be sure.
From the detail you provided I would delete page 2 :)

Page 1 has all the features of page 2 plus it actually ranks in the pack.

Robin, are you able to share links to the pages?
Robin, sounds like it's fine.

The publisher page won't rank in search or steal reviews and is totally different type of page.
Not the type I warned not to create and merge.

You may want to de-emphasize it and get most views/activity on the local page. If so you could change the link on the website to the local page. They probably added the profile link for publisher mark up, but not sure that's a big deal now.

Or you could just close it if you want I guess, but if it was created 1st then the G+ L page not sure if that would mess anything up.
I guess the question is, you are splitting your displayed page views. But maybe that is like splitting hairs?
Wait the Youtube channel is attached to page 2. I wonder if there is a way to attach the channel to page 1?

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Here are some screenshots.



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