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Oct 1, 2015
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I'm starting seeing some two packs on google search when you search for derivatives. For example, Pet Groomers instead of Pet Groomer; or Security Systems instead of Security System.

Has anyone else noticed this yet?
Welcome and thanks for sharing Wesley!

Even back when we had the 7 packs there were sometimes 2 packs, so could just be that.
But interesting that you are seeing it on plurals since often for some queries, plural searches are more common than singular.

Need to walk puppy but anxious to look at this in more detail when I come back.

Since I can't type, search and research now due to RSI, if you could provide a couple complete searches including cities you are seeing this in it would help a lot.
I'm unable to recreate it now. Might have been a bug, but I was getting it yesterday both on Brightlocal's SERP screenshots and in my own browser. Terms I saw it on were Security Systems and Pet Groomers.
But what city for each query? Because SERPs can be totally different based on the city.

If you didn't search with city in the query, then what city was search set to or are you in so we can try to replicate?
I didn't search with a city in the query and I usually don't. For some reason I don't see a lot of impressions on adwords or google search on city added to search terms (probably because the cities I work in are small).

Rogers, AR was the city I searched in.
I couldn't replicate by setting my location to yours.

But that looks like a fairly small town with not that many Pet Groomers directly in the town. So sometimes with small towns there is a smaller pack.

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