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Dec 12, 2019
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Dear Sterling Sky Help Community,

I hope this message finds the esteemed forum members well. I am reaching out in desperation to seek urgent assistance regarding a critical issue we're facing with our Google Business Profile.

For the past two days, we have been grappling with an alarming situation where our accumulated reviews are inexplicably dropping. Despite receiving a response from Google stating that the lost reviews cannot be recovered, our team is deeply concerned as we continue to witness a decline. Today alone, we've lost an additional two reviews, reducing our count from 465 to 463.

This situation is causing immense frustration and stress for our small business, and we are reaching out to the community for any assistance or guidance that can help us navigate through this challenging time. The reviews on our profile are hard-earned and genuine, and the continuous loss is detrimental to our business.

Additionally, we have previously communicated with Google Business Profile Team regarding the issue. The initial drop occurred when our business had 503 reviews at 5:30 AM, and by 6:40 AM, the count had decreased to 461. Random disappearance of one or two reviews has been observed throughout the month. These reviews are vital to our online reputation, and we believe in their authenticity.

We kindly request the expertise of the community and any Google representatives present to escalate this matter and provide guidance on how we can resolve this ongoing issue. If there are specific steps or information required from our end, please let us know, and we will promptly comply.

This is a sincere plea from a small business owner who currently feels helpless in the face of these challenges. Your assistance and insights would be immensely valuable in navigating through this difficult situation.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
It seems like you are keeping pretty detailed data, are you tracking the reviews with any 3rd party platforms?

I know Local Viking/Local Brand Manager shows you the total number of reviews that have been deleted and shows you the reviews:

It might help you recognize any patterns in the reviews (a certain time frame etc).

How far back in time do your reviews go?

Google is also actively deleting unused accounts (2+ years) and reviews that are tied to those accounts will also be deleted (this started in December).

The reviews could be from 2+ years ago . . . I have never seen anyone dig into whether losing a significant number of reviews that are years old will result in any reduction in visibility for the listing.

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