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Nov 20, 2014
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Hey Guys,

So, I have an attorney client who specializes in both personal injury and family law. I advised them to niche down into one specialty as a primary focus, and they have chosen personal injury. As per the bright local webinar, I saw a few days back, the suggestion is to create a separate practitioner listing for the family law stuff.

So my questions are:

1. We are doing a DBA on the main business name as currently, it doesn't have any relevant keywords in there to target personal injury. This being the case, is it possible to add keywords for the practitioner listings as well? Something that refers to a family law attorney, etc? and what would be the "business name/title" format for such a listing?

2. Would you link the family law practitioner listing directly to the family law page or to the homepage?

3. Is there anything else I should consider before setting up the practitioner listing, I know for instance, they are going to have to get a lot more reviews.

1. Yes
2. Family law page
I would really make sure they know that they have to get almost twice as many reviews as before for this strategy to be effective.

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