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Jan 3, 2020
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I'm looking at my clients dashboard and seeing strange things with the Veteran-led category.

Is this attribute not available for every city in the US?

I have one I want to add it to and it's not an option. I then looked at a client dashboard I knew I had listed as a Veteran and the option is not there in the Attributes to add or remove, but when I look at his listing live, it shows Veteran-Led. Very strange.

I'm not looking to edit this one that shows it on the listing, but wondering why some don't have Veteran-Led as an option, because I do have one it needs to be added to. Is this normal for it not to show on all categories/locations, or should I contact GMB Support?

Hi Tricia, the attributes are based on the category. Are you seeing GMB's with the same category where one has the veteran led attribute and the other doesn't have it?
Yes, I'm seeing a Veteran-led attribute for the same category (Carpet Cleaning Service) in the same location. But it's not an option in my dashboard.

I'm thinking that I need to contact GMB support for this.

I've been seeing odd things in dashboards recently - I'm updating another that someone else used to work on and need to update the Menu items and it won't let me access it via desktop or mobile to edit - only says suggest an edit when I'm logged in as the account manager.

I'll contact GMB Support unless you have another idea that might work for either of these.

That's what I would do. Unfortunately I am not very confident with Google my business support as of late but as always it's worth a shot.
@Colan Nielsen I have contacted GMB support for the issue where Veteran-Led isn't an option in the dashboard, but it's listed on another business with the same primary category in the same Service Area.

GMB support said that it will be added at some point and it will just take time. I was thinking from what I've heard that it's pretty much done by category and location. Meaning if a competitor has the option, this business should also.

Should I simply wait or is there another way to check on it?

Hi Tricia, there's probably nothing else to be done other than wait. You could start a thread at the Google My Business forum and myself or one of the other product experts could escalate it to Google but I can't guarantee that that will progress anything. Could be insightful though. Feel free to DM me the link to the forum post if you decide to do that.

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