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Apr 21, 2017
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My US client is having a good ranking in competitive keywords like "divorce attorney", "family law attorney" or "city + keywords" in Google local pack. His website is also performing good ranking in organic results.

Problem is my client is not getting any single lead via form or through phone calls.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks so much.
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1. Does your client have good reviews on Google, Avvo, and elsewhere?

2. Is his website generic or keyword-stuffed gibberish, or does it explain exactly why someone would want to work with your client rather than with another attorney?

3. Do you know for a fact the contact form works?

4. If you call the number, does a polite and helpful receptionist pick up right away?
Phil asked some good questions to check out.

In addition to reviews (which itself can be a big factor in click-throughs and phone calls), I have seen something as simple as an incorrect address the contact form sends to be the problem. I would definitely check to make sure the contact form is working properly before doing anything else as that can be a quick lead-killer.

Also, content! If you haven't already, go above and beyond what everyone else is doing in the industry with site content. Don't just have content for the sake of having it, but some solid paragraphs on why your client is so much better, what the benefits are, how working with them is different, etc can do wonders for gaining leads.
@Phil Rozek @MattPelkey

Yes we are fulfilling all the points which you guys have mentioned here. As far as review concern, we have 4.4 rating with 12 reviews in Google; Avvo have 5/5 rating with 2 reviews and have 5 rating with 12 reviews.

Contact forms are working perfectly, content is well written as well.
  • How hard is it to find the phone number once you get to the website?
  • Is the phone number tappable?
  • Is it clear what you want people to do?
  • Is there a call to action?
  • How fast (or slow) does the website load?
  • Is the site mobile-responsive?
When a client is ranking well, but receiving low amounts of organic traffic (and there is a good amount of search volume available), that's a sign to me that click through from SERP might be the issue. Have you checked WMT for this data? Even if nothing is amiss in Search Console, it's still best to check how the results look in SERP for both mobile and desktop. How does your client's search result look in comparison to the competition?

For the GBL, does the competition have more reviews? Better reviews? More photos? Better and more converting photos? Do they respond to all of their reviews? These things can effect whether or not the GBL listing attracts activity such as calls.

It's similar for Organic search. How does the result look in mobile and desktop search results? Is there a photo in the mobile result? Is it as nice of a photo as the competition's result is showing? How is the meta? Are there any special offers highlighted in the competition? Is it stuffed with KWs and services instead of something unique and attractive about the practice?

I like to think of the SERP result as a storefront window. It needs to be both relevant to the page it is linking to, but also attractive to potential customers.

I hope this helps!
It would help to see the listing.

Simple non tech factors could be:
  1. Low city population (no search volume)
  2. Thinking you're ranking well when you may not be (always helps to have a 2nd set of eyes)
  3. Ranking for wrong keywords
I have a hard time believing that none of the above is true and you're not getting clients. That would be tough.

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