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Jul 9, 2013
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Hello everyone. Has anyone noticed a correlation in website updates to increased rankings? Was wondering if the more you update your site, the more receptive Google is to ranking your site. What about posting on a Google+ business page, any increase in rankings?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Bradley,

I've heard folks on the organic side say they think the freshness algo was turned up not too recently. Some have complained it was turned up too high - so sites with fresh content were outranking sites with the best content that had previously ranked high.

Not sure that's true, but we know Google likes fresh content anyway.

Not sure about posting to the G+ page. I mean I don't think it affects rank directly. I had a problem client that kept getting knocked out of the pack. I asked them to post every day to try to help boost prominence since they were far from centroid. Not sure it really helped. But again Google likes freshness AND they like social interaction and probably view it as a sign of popularity. So if you post more you'll likely get shares, likes and new followers, so it's all good. (Even if it does not directly boost rank, it boosts rep and trust which in the long run could help.)

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