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Mar 28, 2018
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I wish I had noted specific clients for reference, but alas, I did not.

I have noticed at least in the past week or so that the business websites are being removed from a lot of GMB dashboards. I log in, check everything out, and it's where it should but, but it is orange with the line, like suggestions show up pending review. However, the live knowledge panel is already missing the website when I view it. I add the website back, save it, and it's already gone again within sometimes a few seconds. I have never seen this happen so frequently before. Has anyone else noticed this, or are my clients just cursed?
Hi Sarah, this happens every once in a while but if you are seeing this across a lot of listings at the same time there is likely one of a few things going on:

  1. It's a bug with Google
  2. Someone is submitting user edits telling Google to remove the website
  3. There is something wrong with the website (example: the domain forwards to another domain)
In your situation, is this happening to totally different businesses with different websites or is this happening to related businesses? (ie. part of a chain)

Can you share an example?
I wish I had paid better attention, but it didn't really click with me until like 7 clients in a week or something, so I can't really recall any connection between them.

I can say they are all different business with different websites, not related to each other.

I'll keep an eye out as I poke around in my dashboard today and see if I can find any examples.
I'm seeing it in the Knowledge Panel. Did you already re-add it?
I did. I'm still following it though, because this is like the third time I've had to add it back. The first time, it already had the strikethrough within seconds, I hadn't even logged out when it was already removed!

I'm seeing it in the Knowledge Panel. Did you already re-add it?
Hey Sarah,

Can you check in Search Console to see if there are any errors or issues with Google crawling the site, as well as any manual actions?
@Sarah FBM any updates on this? We have a multi-location client that has 3 locations (out of hundreds) that this just started happening to in the last couple days. The website gets the "orange strike-through" in GMB due to a "Google Update", we add it back in, and it happens again... definitely seems like a Google bug. The websites render fine, are indexable, and show up as indexed in GSC, but in the last week, they have been "filtered" out of organic search as well. Not totally sure if its related.

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