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Jun 28, 2012
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Have you heard much about the new Google "Now on Tap"? It was just announced at Google I/O and promises to make your phone smarter and make it easier to get things done on the go. From Google:

"With ?Now on tap,? you can simply tap and hold the home button for assistance without having to leave what you?re doing?whether you?re in an app or on a website. For example, if a friend emails you about seeing the new movie Tomorrowland, you can invoke Google Now without leaving your app, to quickly see the ratings, watch a trailer, or even buy tickets?then get right back to what you were doing."

Adam Dorfman from SIM Partners raised some interesting points about how "Now On Tap" will impact local.

If you've tuned into Google articles about <a href="">Micro-Moments</a>, you know where this is all heading.

<a href="">Google Now on Tap Means Local Search Now</a>

Google just accelerated the customer journey from mobile devices to offline locations. At Google?s 2015 I/O event, the company announced ?Now on tap,? a virtual assistance of sorts that makes it easier for consumers to find information on their mobile phones without needing to toggle from one application or Web screen to another. Now on tap promises to help Android users find ?what you need in the moment, anywhere on your phone.?

It?s easy to see the implications for local search:

.:. Enterprises that fail to be present with compelling content and accurate name, address, and phone information won?t even be considered.

.:. Businesses that are present with the right content for those ?moments on tap? will be more competitive.

.:. Enterprises that go beyond ?being present? and offer a compelling reason to visit their locations ? say, a 10-percent off offer for your mobile wallet ? will win.

I left a lot out, so head over to read the rest. Thanks Adam!

And here is the official Google post in case you missed it:

<a href="">?Now on tap? to help you with what you need in the moment, anywhere on your phone</a>

What do you think???
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This is great functionality that is being added to Android, now if we could just get the phone manufacturer's such as Samsung to make timely releases of "M" and get the general population aware of the features and trained to on how to use them we would have the battle won.

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