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Sep 29, 2015
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Currently of the social media management services, I only know of Sendible and Yext offering the ability to post to GMB in addition to Facebook and all the other ones. They are both pretty pricey if you have more than 10 locations. Anyone else added the feature? I think I checked Hootsuite and the users there were still complaining in the forums they didn't have it.
We did a write up at the Sterling Sky blog a couple months ago comparing companies that do Google posts. You should definitely check that out.

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That's a great list. Although it highlights how few services have adopted the API functionality for GMB posts.

I must say, the inclusion of PatientPop is a bit curious as it's for a specific vertical, but nevertheless it would apply to those in the patient services niche. You might want to update the pricing to at least give the reader a ballpark figure on costs, like "starts at $550/month" Did the author(s) have some sort of relationship with them?

Also note that your pricing for Sendible is incorrect. For as little as $29/month you could post to up to 12 GMB listings (divided amongst up to 4 different Google accounts I believe.) (But then you couldn't post to any other social accounts if you used up all 12 for GMB). Even if you had 12 GMB locations you can easily use Sendible for GMB and another service for all your other social accounts for less than $70/month total which for the SMB is a significant savings over $199/month.

In my opinion many of these services are overpriced and are banking off the fact the average SMB client isn't that knowledgeable regarding the entire choice of services out there. But that's nothing new in the world of capitalism.

It's still surprising brands like these still yet to have the functionality:

Social Pilot
Sprout Social

etc etc
Agree - also in that article if you want a posting service and look at yext it is $199 per GMB as I understand.

So if you have 30 GMB listings it's not worth it.

I asked Hootsuite last July 2017 and today and they say they are working on it with no idea when the ETA is.
We'll definitely get the post updated. We also need to add one that we found and started using recently: Google My Business Post Scheduler

They don't create any content for you but do allow you to schedule posts and reuse posts across locations easily.
I mention this in case you can create your own content for your website, and just need an easy way to re-purpose it as GMB posts: there are a couple of WordPress plugins that will auto-publish WordPress posts, pages and more to one or more GMB locations' posts.

The one that my firm uses right now is this one:
Does that help?
I came across OneUp recently for GMB post scheduling. Works great and is super cheap compared to the others.

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