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May 19, 2016
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We all know the importance of NAP but which NAP do you use on the home page of your site when you have a business with multi locations.

If i have 5 locations i can create 5 different sections on my site with their respective NAP and link their Google my business profile to each of them separately but what about the home page of my site. Shall i not put any NAP on it?
I generally pick the location that's lagging, or in the highest competition neighborhood and use that location on general pages. Sometimes the business owner has a particular location they want to showcase as well (original location, location the owner personally works at, business headquarters, etc).

On the other hand, Miriam shared in this post that she includes NAP info for all locations on the general site pages, as long as there's less than 10. I still keep things separate, but that might be just overly cautious outdated best practices on my part.

If you do include multiple business NAP info on one page, make sure you're using good schema. Google might parse it all out correctly, but with proper Schema, it'll definitely know you're talking about different locations.

Even if you do choose to include all locations in the general pages of the site, definitely stick with only the location specific NAP on the pages related just to that location.
If you have under 10 locations then I think it would be fine to put all the locations on the homepage as long as it's aesthetically pleasing for users. The goal is to get the user from the homepage to the location closest to them, so they'll convert via phone or contact form. Do what you can to make it easy for them to do that. 5 seems reasonable to put on the homepage and link through to the specific landing page.

There's a million different ways to display the information (or not), so it's up to you depending on site design and feasibility. I recommend putting together a few scenarios to test out. No matter what, you need a unique landing page for each office. You need to map out a few ideas, then write out pros and cons (or risks/rewards) of each method. Once you have that, you'll have your order what to test first.

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