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Dec 18, 2012
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Why doesn't whitespark for the fee they charge have an online form like Bright Local?

I started to fill out their XLS and couldn't finish it at that time. Forgot to save it, and now I have to start all over with all the data input...UGH!
Hi Mike,

Sorry for the frustration you experienced with ordering citations through us.

As strange as this is going to seem to you, the reason we have a spreadsheet intake form rather than an online form is because people kept losing their data when trying to complete the online form. If you started working on the online form and your browser crashed, or if you left it half completed and then accidentally closed the tab, or if your internet cut out when you clicked submit, you would lose all the data you input. We had a number of people complain about this when submitting, so we switched to the spreadsheet version, since Excel always auto-saves a backup, and it also allows agencies to send the form to their clients, then just upload it when they get it back.

That said, we have plans of adding an online form back in and giving our users an option. That will be a few months away, though.

I cannot find any "saved" excel form on my computer. That was the frustrating part. I spent over 30 minutes on it and now it's gone. I really want to give your company a try, but that form is a killer for me.

I just signed up for our service. Trying to compare it to Bright Local.

So is there a way to side-by-side compare what citations my client has to that of their competitors?

If not, then I have to spend a ton of time going back and forth between reports.

BL shows a side-by-side of the top maps rankings and their citations, compared to a clients.
Hi Mike,

Thanks for being a customer. You can run a side-by-side comparison in the Local Citation Finder. That's not included with your citation building order, but PM me your email and I'll hook you up with a free month and give you instructions on how to generate the report.

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