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Dec 8, 2014
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Always something new in the SERP :)

Can anyone tell me why certain sites are getting their sitelinks "boxed"

I did a search later and only the site in 4th organic position had boxed links; it is the same site that is 3rd in the above image.

Appreciate insight!

why boxes.jpg
You're just picking up on Google's new sitelink Carousel design. They've been testing it since late 2016, but this is the first time everyone's seeing it everywhere. I kind of liked the old way, but we'll just have to see how it affects CTR for the various pages in a spread. My guess is click throughs to internal pages will diminish, and more people will just go to the home page, but we'll see.
Thank you James.
Any idea why certain sites are being shown with sitelinks and others are not? it is not reserved for the first organic site - assume this is part of the testing?

And do I just manage my sitelinks in normal fashion in the Search Console?

My understanding is it's just a new way of integrating sitelinks. Manage it as you have been. I assume the reason 1 and 3 and not 2 in your screenshot had sitelinks, is pretty much why any site does or doesn't have sitelinks. To hit the basics, submit your sitemap, have clean navigation, and have a small collection of inner pages getting high traffic and low bounce rate showing prominently in said navigation.

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