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Jan 5, 2020
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Hello, we setup my clients GBP about 1.5 month’s ago. Went through text verification, postcard verification and then sent in business documents as they requested.

Clients GBP is suspended for a “ Google Policy” violation that they will not tell us what it is. We sent an email to the account manager and this is their latest reply….. this is beyond ridiculous….

“I am Vee from Google Business Profile and I am here to help you. I hope you are doing well!

This email is in reference to our call about reinstatement for business profile "Clients Name Here" with Google. Do not worry, I have looked into this and escalated your concern and you can refer to the decision of the specialist below.

Vadim, we understand that you've already done the edit in order to reinstate the business. After thorough investigation on your profile following Google policy, we are not able to verify the necessary information for us to proceed with your query, hence, we are not able to reinstate your Business Profile and it was not indicated on my end as well in which specific violation is present.

We know how upsetting this could be for you. We are very sorry. It is never our intention to hurt you or your business. Please understand that if we could reinstate the profile, then we would have done it by now without even having this conversation. The profile you have cannot be reinstated. We cannot share the exact reason because it is against our policy/workflow which we all need to strictly abide by.

We wish we could go beyond the policies to help you with this, but we cannot, and we would be unable to, no matter how desperately we want to. We know apologizing is not helping you at all, but we can assure you that we had tried our level best to seek a favorable solution for you as you are a valued customer.

If you'd like more help on this issue, reply to this email. We'll be happy to help! For help with other issues, you can always reach us via our Help Center.””

The Google Business Profile support team

Any ides?????? Thanks in advance!

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