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Apr 19, 2021
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Just need your advice guys. We have been doing local SEO audits for our client. Found something:

<meta property="og:site_name" content="My Bathroom Renovations" />

<meta property="og:title" content="My Bathroom"/>

And in the schema, we are using" My bathroom Renovations Melbourne"

The business name is "My Bathroom Melbourne". Should I change them into the actual business name? I have also attached a screenshot of the bright local audit. It says we are missing the address, city name, and phone number. I cant find where it is.

Another thing, in our Google my business we have an address like this:

xxx / xxx

and on the website it is xxx, xxx

the only difference of /

Should our address be completely matched with Google my business address?

As the business local rankings are being filtered and swapping with other businesses, so thought making small changes can have a positive impact on rankings?

Any suggestions

bright local.PNG
Hey Mandeep. First, the code above is not a Schema but an Open Graph. As far as I know - it only affects social media posting but not SEO.

In regards to what keywords you should use, it depends on what you are trying to rank on that particular page and what kind of Schema you are using. If you are using a LocalBusiness markup, use the actual name of the Business.

I assume you are not using a LocalBusiness markup if BrightLocal is showing you are missing key information.

I am not familiar with using a backslash "/" in address. But if you have control - make the address as uniform across your listings as possible. But Google's algorithm is smart enough to distinguish minor differences such as St. vs Street, or 111, 105 84th Ave vs. 111 - 105 84 Avenue
I've not found that schema affects rankings, but if Google is looking is looking for specific information in a certain field it's best to be consistent and put what should be there.

What keywords is the business being filtered for?

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