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Dec 12, 2013
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I'm in the process of claiming a bunch of yelp sites for a multi-location client. . . I am told that there are limits to how many you can claim but, I am uncertain what those limits are and how they are enforced.

I believe I was told 5 locations can be claimed per IP Address is that right? Or was it 5 per email address (a big difference).

Second question: If I later go back and edit these claimed locations (Photos etc.) would I put them at risk if I made all the later changes from the same IP?

yelp=no fun
From my experience, I haven't run into any trouble claiming or managing Yelp listings for different business locations from the same IP address. I've claimed 20 locations over the span of a week. I used different email addresses for each location though.

When you're claiming these listings, Yelp may sometimes limit the number of phone calls you make in one day, but you can always try again on the next day. That's the only obstacle I've encountered so far.

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