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Apr 21, 2014
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Despite having scored 90% in the quiz the other day, G+ gives me feelings of inferiority and sends me scurrying back here for help!

As a side note, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to put together a best practices thread for dealing with G+ dupes, or are there just too many disparate situations to even attempt that.

Case in point, new client has a verified G+ page:

And a personal page which I don't *think* is an issue:

But then I find this one, associated with a different NAP from six years ago. According to Moz Local it is a verified page:

So my question is, what do I do about it? Report it as closed? And will that cause any problems for the current listing due to name similarities?

The client is now #21 in map results from their office zip code, whereas they were formerly in the 7 pack.
Hi Rich, I don't think that Dr listing is hurting you since different name, different address and different phone. And a biggie in your favor - no website listed.

Also when I search G and new maps generically for last name + KW like this:
"Chiropractor Whittington Asheville, NC" only the practice comes up.

So given all that, I don't think it's hurting ranking but also don't think it would suppress the practice listing if you decide you want to mark it closed/relocated.

And yes that personal profile is a non issue.
That makes sense. I'm beginning to understand G+ Local a little better as time goes along, in great part due to the forum here.

As always, thank you for generously sharing your knowledge with those of us trying to make sense of it all!
You're very welcome Rich!

You can pay me back for all the free support, when you decide to take the training. ;) Haha

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