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Jul 19, 2012
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I put together a list of URL's to get e-mail support help for specific GMB issues. I hope everyone finds them as useful as I do.

13 Time-saving Google My Business Support Shortcuts | Imprezzio Marketing

You may be saying, ?Phone support is the best option, so why on earth would I want to use the e-mail support??

I can think of a few good reasons:

You simply don?t have the time to sit on the phone. Phone support wait times have gotten much better, but they still aren?t great. A typical call can last over thirty minutes.
Occasionally, but not always, the support rep isn?t the greatest with the English language.
It?s much easier to link to the G+ pages that you need help with. If you have three duplicate listings, for example, it?s much easier to list them instead of verbally trying to explain what they are.
You have a case# and e-mail communication that you can log and keep track of. Yes, phone support will send out e-mails as well, but it just doesn?t seem to be as consistent.

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