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Jul 3, 2013
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I have two separate clients in the garment business. One manufactures high-end items the other focused mroe on mass production. The high end client is moving into the other's production facility. It's a stand alone building with only one address.

Has anyone dealt with this and what issues do you think I'll have?

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.
Hey Jamie,

This is a fairly common scenario. As long as the two businesses are legally separate businesses they can each have their own listing.

Now, there are some challenges that being at the same address can present. But typically these challenges are only valid when the two businesses share the same GMB categories and/or phone number.

Can you share a bit more detail about the businesses?
I agree with Colan, but he's right, more details would help.

By the little bit you've said so far it sounds to me like the mass production one maybe shouldn't and I'm wondering if the other should either.

Do they have a store front or anything that would attract local walk-in customers? If so, do they have 2 separate stores? Or is one biz retail and the other is more just manufacturing?
They are sharing the same production floor with one entrance for both businesses.

Mass production has a minimum order size of 5,000 per unit. Think a collared shirt you might purchase at Macy's.

High end primarily makes clothing for equestrian riders, breeches, coats, etc. Typical unit size is 50.

For NAP they have their own name and phone numbers. And for categories, I can split them up between the two.

They are both manufactures so their clients (the brands) come to the factory.

If you can think of anything else I should be doing please let me know. Thanks again for the feedback.
Hey Jamie,

I think it might be tough to convince Google that they should have two listings.

With that said if you can provide documentation that they are legally separate businesses with unique corporate records than you might be ok.
Thaks for all the help. I think we will request the change of address and make sure the categories are different. Then see what happens and adjust from there.
Hi Jamie,

You can also talk to google via your clients website, but not in a verbal sense. How you can help is by checking your clients on page local SEO. What products/service do they provide ? Next, what the categories fit the new Google My Business page and like Colan says: " But typically these challenges are only valid when the two businesses share the same GMB categories and/or phone number." So,will your client have 2 websites ? Will the NAP be it's own ? On websites you want to tell google what product or service they offer and ideally match GMB. All the best.

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