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May 15, 2016
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We have a business with 2 locations in the same city. Do you think there is any problem to use 2 different domains for each location? just for clarification the 2 websites will be under the same name but apart from that, everything else will be different, different phone different address different content .
And if you think there is no problem with that i would like to know if i can use the same Facebook page and google+ page in both websites.
You should be good on the two domains the only thing to keep in mind is that it may be difficult to establish authority for 2 different domains as opposed to one domain with service pages. AS for Facebook and Google+, these are not only major citations but also huge chunks of your online presence. Ideally you would want one profile for each so that way the branding stays consistent, citations stay consistent and one locations won't step on the toes of the other locations (bad reviews, etc). Just my 2 cents but very curious what the rest of the community has to say. There has been a lot of EMD research on here lately that you should definitely take a look at if you haven't chosen domain names yet. Here is a good start:
Depending on the size of the city you could be creating more competition for yourself. If it's a big city or competitive industry, I'd advise putting both locations on the same domain so you can get twice as many backlinks (one per citation per location).
Thank you guys i"ll take your advice. Unless someone else want to share is advice.

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