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Nov 14, 2012
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I have a plastic surgery client in NYC with 2 locations that is shutting down a location. They want to obviously keep all the reviews and have them appear on the 1 listing. Most of the staff will transfer too and the services are the same.

Is the best method still to have all the info the same on each listing and have support merge them? Or is there an alternative method? Have support mark it as moved?

Thanks for your input.
@Scott Rawlins, yes, that's what I'd suggest. A few sidebar items, though:

1. You may want to change the info more than a few days before asking Google to transfer the reviews or to merge the listings. That's mostly to give Google plenty of time to digest the changes.

2. You may want to update or de-dupe the basic citations along the way.

3. You'll probably want the soon-to-be-closed GMB page to point to a different landing page URL on the site. So that it's less likely to cut into the rankings of the GMB page you're keeping.

4. Probably should take note of at least the most-recent reviewers and reviews (if not all of them), and maybe copy and paste each review and sock it away. So in case Google doesn't transfer the reviews at all or any time soon, you can easily ask those reviewers to re-review the keeper GMB page if necessary.
Will do @Phil. Thanks for the info. Once I update the info to match, then remove it from the account so it becomes unclaimed right?
Yes, but you probably shouldn't un-claim it unless or until GMB support tells you to.

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