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Jun 28, 2012
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Just found a post on a blog I had not discovered before that has what appears to be some nice solid tips for SMBs to follow.


<a href="">22 Local SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Business</a>

Being at the top of the local search results is not easy by any means. However, with the right direction and advice, you?ll see your rankings increase over the next few months.

That?s exactly what you have in front you: Local SEO tips and tricks to get your website to show up higher in those search results so you can drive more customers to your website and accumulate the most important thing, more money.

There are many factors that determine the ranking in the search results, and they?re always changing. One week you might be number one, and the next week you might not even be on the first page. Welcome to the Internet. The key is to be as natural as possible when creating your website, but let the search engines know ?Hey, this is what I do and where I?m located? without screaming and yelling at them (keyword stuffing). Also keep in mind, it takes time for website to rank. Follow Google?s Webmaster guidelines along with these tips, and you will have a higher ranking website.

Admittedly, I only had time for a quick skim and did not read critically or in detail.

Did you find anything obviously missing or is there anything you would be sure to add?

Hey, nice find Linda.

I did find one item that could cause some confusion.

The first tip links to the Google Places for Business front door but the screenshot and subsequent tip are talking about what you would do if you went in the G+ door.
Oh good catch Colan!

I'm a skimmer and sharer so I usually miss some deets. Rely on the astute eyes hear to catch the finer points! :p
Hey guys! I'm glad you liked my article, and Colan, thanks for pointing that out. It could definitely cause some confusion. I got right on it and fixed it.

This looks like an awesome community and I'm glad I stumbled upon it from seeing my article listed here. I think I'm here to stay! :)
Welcome David! Glad to have you here. We certainly feel like this is the "best of the best" out there.

But then again, I'm a little biased. :)
Hey David, welcome!

I'm glad my post about your post lead you here.

Our members and mods ROCK! So glad to have you join the team.

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