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Sep 5, 2013
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We have 3 brick and mortar shops in area of town. They are all part of one local franchise. They all have same name.

They have 3 Google Plus Business pages verified and under one account.

1)Which one do I give Publisher rights on their main site?

2)If just one, should I rotate them in an effort of fairness?

3) Or can I have 3 publisher links in the head?

4) Before all of this fiasco started there was a 4th Google Plus Business page which is not tied to any address, but posted content and youtube videos for this particular company. Should this instead be the main Google Plus profile updated for this account and given publisher status to?

Thanks for your responses.
Hi Robin, sorry not sure.

Multi-location is not supported in G+ yet so those G+ pages were not supposed to be verified.
So not sure how to handle in this case. In fact not sure how multi-locations are going to work with G+ at all even after the new auto-upgrade that is under way.

Seems to me after the upgrade each Place page would become a G+ page so each could post their own updates and have their own circles. But then may want a corp Business page NOT set in local category. It could feature news for all the different locations and that could be the main one you feature on the web site. Then each location page on the site could feature that locations G+ page???

Not sure about any of this. Just thinking outloud.
Linda that is what I was thinking, I just don't want to maintain content for 4 pages :(
Ya sorry. I specialize in Places, but G+ and especially G+ for multi-locations is not something I know much about, since Google was not supporting the option and said not to merge, I just had not looked into it yet or even thought about how it would be handled.

I'll Tweet to see if we can get anyone to weigh in that's possibly dealt with this issue. I'm sure some chains and franchises have.

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