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Jul 27, 2012
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Anybody else getting a 500 error when you attempt to manage your +Page?

The Google support forum has a bunch of these in the past two days.
Yes, sir. It has happened to me twice today on two different accounts. Glad it isn't just me.
Thanks Keenan, I was going to post about this today too.

For those that aren't aware, this merged G+ Business 500 error problem has been on-going since August. Here's the main thread with 176 posts. (And FYI this is one of many reasons I say WAIT and don't merge yet. Months later and it's still not resolved.)

But as Keenan said we are getting a big rush of new posts lately so I think something is up.

I just discovered the following comment from Jade in my G+ stream due to a new comment.

Jade in January in that post said:

"but in essence, the error is because you are attempting to manage a service-area business in Google+. The Google+ management system does not support SABs right now. To resolve, delete the page from your account in Google+ and manage the page in Google Places for Business."

So then after reading that comment I checked all the new 500 errors coming in individually today and the main thread and it DOES appear many of them are SABs.

Kel are your listings SABs? Do they have address hidden? If so, you know they were not supposed to merge and need to delete the G+ page, right?

If not, can you share what type of businesses?
ours is a SAB with a storefront, commercial office with full time staff.

i submitted the page for edit after the update in the new layout mainly to see if it would repopulate the html formatting of the description/introduction.
Well that stinks Keenan. Just traded one prob for another.

I'm really starting to think G does not want SABs on G+ even if they have a commercial office. :eek:
And the reports keep pouring in. Here's a search that will show you all the new posts coming in, in case any of them offer a clue or get an enlightening reply from Google.

500 error - Google Groups Search

Plus Keenan and I asked Google for insights. Will keep you posted if we hear anything.
Based upon the number of new cases, I really don't think this is specifically related to SAB or that it is just another example of this happening from time to time, just too widespread and recent.

Something happened. I have no idea what. Hopefully, we'll get a better solution than "delete your page."

Which, by the way, you can't do if you don't have access to it.
Based upon the number of new cases, I really don't think this is specifically related to SAB or that it is just another example of this happening from time to time, just too widespread and recent.

Something happened. I have no idea what.

Yes I agree Keenan, it's more than a SAB issue. I just happened to notice that post from Jade today and shared it as one potential issue. But it's happening for car dealers, attorneys and others.

It's been on-going since August, but this sudden influx of so many reports makes me wonder if there is another impending update. But that could be paranoia. I think I'm getting Google Local PTSD. :eek:
The problem seems to be escalating but I think they MAY have tracked down the bug.

See this thread:!msg/business/z__nFwcPBIU/2K9whdL0WIUJ

Joy, another Top Contributor asked if anyone had changed cover photo... then later said:

"It's definitely a bug. Probably has to do with the recent changes Google made to the cover photos and the way they display. It looks like changing your cover photo is what triggers it. They are working on a fix so I would follow that thread that Keenan posted because Google can reply to it when the issue is resolved."
Jade just added an update to the 1st sticky post in this thread.

Jade said: "Edit on March 12: I'm seeing an uptick of reports of 500 errors when trying to manage from yesterday and today -- trying to determine why. Thanks for your reports!"

Tons of people are having the problem and once I asked in that thread if they had edited their cover photos, so far all have replied YES. So I guess the bug is related to that new display update we just had.
Thanks Keenan!

I believe the problem has been resolved for now or at least the fix is starting to roll out.
Maybe Google has a new 'Job Security' team that randomly goes in and messes stuff up so everyone has something to do when they get to the office.
Makes you scratch your head and wonder... The biggest tech company in the world??? :confused:
True dat!

But it depends on how you define big. I didn't even think of market cap.

I thought of big as in HUGE, everywhere, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-encompassing...

Beside no one ever prays to the Apple God, but lots of people pray to the Google Gods! :p
(Especially SMBs!) :(

And no one says Apple-it. They say Google-it.

And Apple isn't the biggest pain in my butt, Google is!

So I define Google as the biggest! :D
Yes- we are getting an error 500 on our business page. The owner and I that manages it have been locked out. We can see the page- but we just can't post from it. We have tried everything to resolve this. We noticed because we put in another PIN to verify the listing, it started doing this. Please help :)
Hi coradugan,

This is a bug so no one but Google engineers can fix it.

However I do know a couple things to check that can cause it.

But this is a general discussion about the issue.

To get help on your specific listing, please post in our help forum and give us a link to the listing and we may need to ask you some other questions after that.

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