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Jun 28, 2012
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Andrew Shotland just shared some observations about the new Google Maps over at Search Engine Land.

7 Things I?ve Figured Out About The New Google Maps

Google has been busy changing a lot of the user interfaces for its local search services. Between the new Google Maps, the Google Local Carousel and the new Reviews Pop-Ups, they have certainly thrown the local search world into a tizzy.

I have been playing around with the new Google Maps, and I thought I?d share some random observations about how to work inside the Matrix:
Good write-up. As Andrew mentioned, an all-caps name is a violation. Listings that have had all-caps names for a while may be grandfathered in, but my guess is that Google won't let you change your listing in this way now.

I have a client whose business name is one word and all lower-case letters except for the middle letter, which is upper-case. It actually is important for his branding, and makes a lot of sense in-context. Google capitalized only the first letter anyway, which is precisely what he didn't want.

Google is very vanilla about caps.
I liked “MapLap”?. :p

I posted in detail about that problem awhile back but didn't think to coin a new phrase about it.
MapLap is perfect.

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