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Feb 9, 2018
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I am a residential electrician, I have a website for my business as well as the normal presence on Google Local. I also have been using Google LSA for a year and a half.

I only have a few of the Job Types in LSA checked off, one of which is Install Electric Car Charger. That is what I would like to focus my business on. I get calls for all the other various things that people call electrician for from my website.

In all of this time, I have not gotten 1 call from LSA for a car charger installation. All of the calls I get from LSA are low quality. They aren't able to filter out the exact service that the customer wants, so I end up getting calls from people who have a small job like they need their outlet fixed.

I would like to focus my business on installing residential car chargers. It is excellent work, it is very profitable, and I enjoy doing it. And electric cars are not going away.

I have a page on my website devoted to car charger installation, but that does not do so well. I think most people search for an electrician to call, instead of searching for car charger installation.

Anyway, sorry to bore you this long. My questions is if it will be advantageous to make a new website for just car charger installations in my service area?
I don't suggest making a new website. It will be hard to get it to rank without backlinks and most of your online profiles will already be linking to your main site. I would definitely add content related to car chargers and specifically pages that tackle frequently asked questions that people are searching for.
@Ampere, what Joy said. With a 2nd site, either you have to play King Solomon and try to divide up your content, links, and toil, or you neglect one site until it's just an online paperweight.

I know first-hand that it's not too hard to get a page on car-charging station installation to rank well. If your domain has more than a couple good links to rub together and therefore a little "authority," the page may rank well in pretty short time. It's still a relatively niche service.
Thanks for the replies!

Phil, I think that's the problem- I have no good links. So I am in a sea of a million articles/pages about car chargers with nothing putting me ahead.

I'm a small business, i am only looking for 5 more calls per week, hopefully focused on car chargers. But I am finding that very hard to accomplish.
@Ampere, you're still better off to stick with the one site. The microsite may rank easily, but probably will drop like a rock after a couple months (or less), or be easily supplanted by competitors' microsites.

Also, if you are in a competitive market, you must rustle up some links. It's a sink-or-swim activity.
Oh yeah, I won't be making a second site after what you guys told me.

I definitely have to find some links.
Do you discuss offering electric car charger installation on your home page? I'm not sure how it impacts LSAs, but home page/GMB landing page text makes a big difference in the regular map pack.
Do you discuss offering electric car charger installation on your home page? I'm not sure how it impacts LSAs, but home page/GMB landing page text makes a big difference in the regular map pack.
I mentioned it briefly on the homepage, but I will add more now that you mention it.

As far as LSA, I did not think that my website had anything to do with it. I could be wrong though.
@Ampere, I second @Rich Owings's advice. A lot of times the homepage is more likely (than a subpage is) to rank for this service or that service. Also, it's worth linking to the car-charger page and other "service" pages generously. Wouldn't go crazy with it, but would recommend providing several trails of breadcrumbs to all the pages on services you care about.
Thanks Phil. I am going to work on that today.

Is there a way for me to tell which keywords are the most searched.

car charger
vehicle charger
electric car charger
ev charger

Can I find out some way which words people use the most?
@Ampere, yep: just run a quick-n'-dirty AdWords campaign, and mine the "Search Terms" report. You'd keep it on a real short leash, and not expect any of your clicks to convert. Essentially, you're just buying data. All the good intel is in AdWords, in my experience.
Thanks again.

One more question. Would it be "spammy" or just plain unwise to include text like "car charger installation in Smallville" in the town based landing pages that I have?

I always see people talking about well written content being most important, and saying something like that looks odd to the reader. So will the SEO benefits be worth it?
@Ampere, not inherently. That kind of title tag is fine.

Of course, if the whole page is boilerplate and you don't say anything about your experience in that town, or say anything of interest specifically to people who live there, then that's not good. But that's not a shortcoming of the title tag; it'd be a problem with the whole strategy.
@Ampere I would suggest that you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up.
In Google Search Console, do two kinds of searches for queries: one for queries that contain car charger or related phrase and then another search on your car charging page to see the nature of queries that are (hopefully) related to that page.

As a value add, would it be feasible to list locations in your city/town that offer electric car charging stations? I just saw that the concept exists on a large scale - e.g. Chargemap - Electric cars' charging station map - can you offer anything more specific in your geo?

From a content perspective, people search for these queries (at least in my geo) - 2019-01-26_1433.

The first question that comes to mind for me is do I have to modify my electrical panel. Does your content answer these questions? Are there any by-laws in your town/city that people need to be aware of? Can they install this on their own? In my city, a homeowner can do their own electrical work, but not the cousin of a homeowner or the brother of a homeowner - if not the homeowner, then only a certified electrician can do electrical work on a home.

I also noticed that there is such thing as "a fast, accelerated or normal charging station" - maybe you could speak to those in your content.

Sounds interesting :)


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