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Sep 25, 2017
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This might be a pretty basic question but Ive only optimized listings before never got a new one in there.

A few days ago I added a web design business to Google Maps, its not actually mine but someone I know from school who does web design part time. The listing was accepted and I set the category as a web designer.

When I search for "web designer area" there are 12 pages of results but the company I added is not listed on the 1st 12 pages, however, if I zoom into the map I can find the business and it does show on the left at this time.

Is this just a matter of now optimizing the listing which has been added (I am not going to do this I am just furthering my level of understanding at the moment with some tests and experiments).
Yes, you're correct. It's about optimizing the listing more. It's a new business, or new to them, so Google needs more indicators to show them that it's a real business.

Usually it just takes time.. but you can help it along by getting some links to the business, making sure that business has a website with it's local address marked up with Schema markup, etc..
Be happy to take a look at the listing for you if you can share it here.
In the recent past, new listings would only show for name searches and it would take about 2 weeks before they would surface for KW searches. Not sure if it's still that way.

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