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Jun 30, 2021
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Has anyone had experience adding custom 360deg photography (virtual tours etc) where the user can click and move to new areas etc.

An example would be a virtual tour similar to this one.

I found some info about GSV (Google Street View) file formats that can be uploaded by a user to a location, but not anything about doing this through the GBP dashboard.

Seems to be a great opportunity to increase a users interest while on the GBP listing itself.
I've done this using the Google Street View app. Made my own 360 and pin it in the exact location within the store. A big limitation is you cannot connect them together.

And no, there is no current way to upload them in GBP. Or at least not that I know of.
We tried uploading 360 photo in our GBP before. Here is the sample. But you can't navigate to different areas, just a 360 view of the room. We haven't tried if something like your sample can be uploaded to GBP.
We had one done years ago at our office, but at the time Google required that the photographer was a trusted streetview partner for the 360's. The images were uploaded directly from the photographer and then appeared in our GMB but we did not have access to any of the files etc.

Not sure if that has all changed, but I know in the past, the person must have been an authorized photographer to be able to upload the virtual tour.

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