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Jun 1, 2015
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I would need your advice with an interesting case I have with one of my clients.

So far in my practice in GMB dashboard, I have been avoiding to utilize additional phone numbers, yet as of recent I started to believe that this may be not a bad idea at all.

Now straight to my question - my clients have an official phone line that is currently listed on the official website and GMB dashboard. The phone has the relevant area code of the city the business is located in. Recently they updated a different phone number in the social media and I advised them to equalize it with the official line, to retain the details consistency. They explained that they updated this number to connect with WhatsApp to make people easier to reach them and they would like to keep the official line in the GMB account. It should be noted that the phone for WhatsApp connection doesn't have the city's area code.

So, do you think that it's reasonable to add the second phone number as an additional line in GMB?

Please share your thoughts :)

@NevenaIvanova, yes, I'd say it is fine to add the 2nd, newer number as an additional line in GMB. Won't help or hurt rankings.

The only caveat: you'll probably want to use the 1st, older phone number on the non-Google listings: Yelp, YP, Facebook, and so on. In other words, the "official" number shouldn't appear only on GMB and on the website, but rather as often as possible

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