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Aug 15, 2023
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I've been through around 30 of these and never had one get rejected as many times. Seems like we're on our final chance and 7 days until account is paused.

Warning via email is that we're in violation of business operations verification program.

Looking for some guidance here / some bright ideas.

Client completed details for verification a handful of times, kept getting rejected, then gave me login details and wanted me to complete. I'm not 100% sure what documents he provided them with, which could be an issue, but I have an idea.

The issues I think we've got are that the client has an individual account / payment profile is his name and home address. Along with the personal ID (driving license) that they asked for and he submitted a while ago.
But all business docs we have, list the full business name and business address.

The other issue might be that we're using 2 subdomains for the ads traffic only, no traffic from the ads account goes to the main, non subdomain website.

So when Google asked for the website used with ads, we included the subdomains. Maybe this is not allowing the verification through the system.

As mentioned, any business documentation we have and are able to submit, lists the business name and business address, not the same as the client's home address. This could be an issue - in the last email Google highlighted that 'details mentioned in the verification form such as name, address etc don't match the Google Ads account'

The business docs, such as from HMRC etc, have the business name and address.
The industry certification (pest control) that Google asked for, list just the client's name, not the business name.

The 'Verify business operations' form has fields asking things like 'who pays for the Google ads account' - I think in this section they want to see the client's name, as that's what's set on the payment profile.

The other questions are fairly standard, describing business type etc.

I think having such discrepancies in documents is totally normal - and not something we can get to match, especially in the 7 days we've got until the account is paused.

Any advice / info on how we get around this?
Hi Ben,

AV has always been a challenge for me, especially when dealing with the client & Google communications, and not knowing who did what already.

Looks like you've done way more than me, but I'd agree with you - the business docs not matching the Payments profile ID. I think you're good on the payment profile, and the subdomain(s).

Maybe you can request Google to change the Payer details of the Payments profile ID in the 7 day pending window?

It will take some repeat communications but it was done in 1-3 days - if the client is responsive. Make sure you're both Admins on the account if you're doing it on their behalf, and I'd CC them on emails to G support. And make sure the client is the primary billing contact on the account, I don't know if it matters but if possible make sure the user/client emails match with their other info (ex: same email as their user, and as the "Payments user" - probably best to use a corp email too with the domain.

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