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Apr 21, 2017
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My client have 3 offices in different locations at Seattle, Dallas and Florida.

In the one location he has a different firm name e.g. Example-1 Firm whereas other two locations have different firm name e.g. Example-2 Firm.

BUT all three locations are targeting one website.

I just want to ask what I should be recommending from a local search perspective. Thanks for your insight!
Using the same website for all 3 should be fine, provided you separate everything. Each location needs it's own landing page area (either a single page, or multiple pages depending on the conversion process that works best in the client's industry). I usually take the time to set up schema on client site's anyway, but it'd be especially important here. Using a single domain for your 3 locations would be ideal, so that any backlinks you get from one would benefit the others as well.
I have found with attorneys specifically it sometimes is better to have a website for each location. The reason is that you often want to rank for a variety of keywords and it's very hard to do with 1 site.

For example, if you have a page about car accidents, do you target city 1, city 2 or city 3?

For most industries keeping 1 site is cheapest and ideal but with attorneys because it's so competitive, I've found having multiple sites can sometimes be a good strategy.

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