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Jul 25, 2012
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Google really seems to tread a thin line when it comes to anti-trust compliance issues in different countries. Working in Canada, I spend most of my time on There is a marked difference between Adwords styling on and




I suspect that organic CTR rates would be higher if there were a clearer distinction between paid and unpaid listings on Has anyone else noticed fluctuating SERP CTRs for their clients as Google plays with new layouts?


The layout is the same one I always see here in the states: the PPC results have a slightly shaded background. Wondering if there's a browser setting at play here.

As far as I know, there's no way to tell what your CTR is for any organic rankings you have. But I do imagine that the ads get more clicks the more they look like and blend into the organic results. Only Google knows...
Remember when Google first came out with AdWords text ads the ads had a very discernible blue bordered box around them. As time went on the border turned into a light colored background box. Now, the ads on the right side have no such property and the top ads have a very faint background color.

I remember Google highlighting the fact that they were not like other advertising venues in that they were strict to separate adverts from organic. This was an actual pledge from Google!

Money does indeed have a way to evolve such sentiments.
Google's testing new ad highlighting formats. In many types of searches they're doing what they've done with mobile devices and have that little "ad" sticker next to it instead of shading. I think they're testing it in certain locations/search types for now, but if it drives more revenue for them (they look a little more similar to organic results), then they'll probably roll it out across the board.

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