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Great post! Dont know why I didnt see this one before. I, like others in here, look at Googles keyword tool to much and need to remember to use tools like SEMRush and Google Trends.
Apologies! NONE of the great screenshots were showing, just the raw code.
Somehow the HTML in that 1st post got all messed up. I'm working on trying to fix it all.

EDITED TO ADD: Fixed now, sorry about that.
Linda, I don't understand how WordTracker or SEMRush can pull local data like that if you can't see it yourself in Adwords KW tool? I thought they only had API access to the same data that Google reveals in its own tools.

Awesome post, btw!

Hi tjmccue,

They all use Google AdWords API, sometimes the results are different as they are outdated. Each Google API interrogation cost, so they choose to cache the answers for a while ... What most of the mentioned tools above are doing, is accessing Google API , getting out the data and building different reports views based on Google API data. You shall always try to choose tools which are able to generate reports in Real-Time, but for keyword vloumes, there is no tool better than Google AdWords - which is free bdw
This is really great Linda. Thank you for putting this together.

I look forward to incorporating some of these tools.

Thanks again!
Hi Linda

This is my first post, and thank you for some superb insights. Also I note that I am a little late in seeing this post.

My question is this, and please do not take offence, that most of these tools seemed to be aimed at the US market. Particularly the local tools. Are there any for the European market (UK if possible) that you could suggest?

Many thanks
Regards :)
Hi and thanks for posting. No offense taken at all.

My knowledge is pretty US centric. It's all I can do to support and keep track of US stuff with my pea brain these days.

But we have lots of UK members, so hopefully some will weigh in.
Hi there, pretty much all of the keyword research tools suggested in this thread work perfectly well for the UK. Just need to make sure you set the location appropriately and you'll be off and running.
Thanks Nick, that's what I was 'thinking' too but didn't say it because he implied they didn't and I was unsure.
Hey guys, with all the changes Google has made to their own keyword tools as well as how hyperlocal search has evolved over the years I'm wondering what keyword tools you all are using for local business keyword research in 2018.

I've been using (built on the Adwords API) for years now but have started seeing a loss in quality of their results recently and starting to doubt the validty of the data they provide.

The tools built on clickstream data (Moz, Ahefs) don't seem to do a good job of drilling down to location, so now I'm looking into KWFinder (also built on the Adwords API).

Any others you guys suggest?
Honestly, no tool will be absolute. Use the keyword research tools as a starting point to framing the content, and then fill in questions, Google's "People Also Searched For..." / Autosuggest, Answer The Public... etc.

If you are targeting current topics or topics that the client has already covered, then use Google Search Console to find ways to branch off of current pieces. Look for high impressions, low clicks, low position, then see how you can improve those metrics.

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